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There is only one response to God’s call: preparation.

Ask Me, and I will give you as an inheritance the nations and in possession the ends of the earth. – Psalm 2:8


Sabaoth Missionary Academy

When it comes to calling you have your heart pounding, not because you care about a title, but because you know God is preparing you to influence nations and has something specific for your life.
Hangar28 is Italy’s first Christian academy that will equip you in theoretical preparation through Bible study, courses on leadership and church care. There will also be no shortage of practice: outreach every week in Milan and periodic missions in Europe and beyond.

If you want to get an idea of what it a week will be like at Hangar
Your call takes flight when you leave fear behind on the ground.

Bible Academy

Hangar28 aims to form an army based on love and prayer for a spiritual awakening in Italy, focused on faith in Jesus. It offers a three-year course at Bible Academy to deepen knowledge of God and church history.

Pastoral & Church Planting

For you who have a passionate heart for caring for people and the church. We want to equip you by preparing you comprehensively on the responsibilities, needs and vision of pastoral training and church planting.

Mission & Outreach

We will share with you the techniques and different ways of transmitting the Gospel from the experience we have gained in our 12 years of preaching on the streets all over Europe.

Media & Communication

Develop effective and creative communicators who know how to make everything about Jesus and the church beautiful and accessible everywhere, but still staying in the same place.

  •  Preach the gospel to the nations and to one’s own community.
  • Serve the local church more effectively.
  • Deepen one’s study of the Bible.
  • Gain greater clarity about one’s calling or discover one’s purpose in life.
  • Transform one’s character and collaborate in ministry.

The main objectives of HANGAR28 include:

  • National and international evangelism.
  • Improving service to the local church.
  • Deepening your knowledge of the Bible.
  • Help you discover your purpose and grow spiritually.
  • Providing opportunities to actively partner in ministry.


Hangar28 is a two-year academy; your membership is for one year.

The total cost for one year is €6,700.00
(€600.00 per month + registration fee of €100.00)

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A unique experience to put yourself test and enter the world of Hangar28!

Courses, outreach, activities and the whole student experience in one week.

We look forward to seeing you!

Dates: February 12-18, 2024

Cost: €120.00


Invest now in your preparation!

Sabaoth is pleased to announce the
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The first two years of the Bible Academy are available now.

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